Circularity Within Reach

A Nationwide Recycling Platform

Circularity Within Reach
A Nationwide Recycling Platform

Welcome to Circularix

Circularix is a producer of food grade post-consumer PET (rPET).

By providing high quality recycled material, we help brands achieve their sustainability goals.

This means less waste, less resource extractions, and less carbon emissions.

The circular economy is here.

0 Billion Lbs.
PET Bottles Collected In the U.S.
0 %
PET Collection Rate in the U.S.
0 %
Of all plastics recycled in the U.S.

Our Philosophy

Circularix believes that plastic does not belong in landfills or waterways.

Recycling is the responsible solution to consumption. With only 5 % of all plastics recycled annually in the United States, Circularix fills a large gap.
Circularity is no longer science fiction.


Recycling Services

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